Al Roberts

Innate and instinctual approach.

Self taught and constantly learning.  

Hi, my name is Al. Iโ€™ve been taking photos for 4 years and lucky enough to have turned a newly found hobby at 21, into a very satisfying, full time career. To begin with I shot everything and anything; interiors, street style, product, music, portraits; you name it - I shot it!

Over time I have worked with a variety of brands like Virgin Atlantic, Adidas and Marriott Hotels, all the while also developing a strong interest in film and editing. However in the last year Iโ€™ve had the opportunity of working on more documentary work, consequently switching my focus towards defining my own style within the genre.


Soon coming up to my fourth year in the industry; I am now focusing on applying my instinctive street style towards storytelling stills and video.